Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baby Love

Poor Declan got abandoned in the bouncy chair while I attempted to get some dishes done--they were REALLY starting to pile up--and he was so incredibly upset and offended by it that daddy had to come rescue him ;)

Karl was walking him around in his signature "baby hold" and they were just staring at each other. I came by for a minute since they were being so cute and I hate missing stuff like that, lol.

As soon as Declan saw me, his eyes got big, he turned his little body towards me, and reached out with one shaky little arm, trying to grab me with his tiny hand. It wasn't quite as coordinated an effort as he would have liked, I'm sure, (it looked a lot like the attempts he makes at getting his fist in his mouth, lol) but he was trying! 

It really blows me away that at a month old, this tiny little person recognizes certain people and things. Even more so that with the small amount of control he has over his little body, he still used everything he had to reach out to me. He knows me, loves me, and needs me. Babies are amazing!
As challenging and even frustrating as it can be sometimes, I feel very blessed to be able to be a mother. It's an awesome experience!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

One month old!!

My bitty-baby boy is one month old today! And what a long, sleep deprived month it's been...

Currently, the routine around here goes something like this:

Every time I finally get Declan to sleep during the day, put him down and try to get something done,  Evie has to immediately start smothering him with her "loving" (ie. kissing his hands, talking in a super high pitched voice, and trying to hug him by putting her entire body weight on him), this, of course, makes him cry every time, and I'm back to holding him and not getting anything done, then, about 8 o'clock, Evie goes down... but pops up 3 or 4 more times before I end up going to bed, and at least once after I fall asleep, on the other hand, Declan waits for me to get into my sleep cycle before he starts fussing inconsolably sometime around 4 am and his crying usually wakes Evie at about 7 am, and she comes in to my room and basically sits right in the way with her kindle games while I try to get Declan back to sleep, and she is perfectly content and absorbed by that activity until Declan FINALLY passes out after hours of fussing and squirming. 

And I think I'm going to doze for a bit. 

I am wrong. 

Just as I'm succumbing to the zombifying exhaustion, Evie decides she needs to love her brother, and the whole cycle starts over again...

Like I said, loooong month, lol, but I do so love my little sleep-thieves ;) I can't imagine my life without them. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Little Monster

This is a present Evie got for her birthday:

She thought it was cool to look at when she opened it, but to be honest, she didn't really "get" it the first time I tried to use it for bath time; she wanted her OLD towel... Silly girl!

It has since, however, become a necessity of her bath time routine, and even a play thing any other time she feels like it ;)

She has two "games" she likes to play with it. The first happens every night after her bath. I get her out, wrap her up in her towel with the hood on her head, and then we look in the mirror... And I have to say "AAHHHH!! AAAHHH! It's a BLUE MONSTER!!" and then she pulls the hood off and I then act relieved and say, "OH! It's just Evie! I thought there was a monster in my house!!" THEN we have to go find daddy and scare him too.

She gets such a kick out of it EVERY TIME we do it... Which is nearly every night! I think it's incredibly cute that she's so into tricking us, it's hilarious ;)

This is her other game:

She realized at some point that her towel could double as a cape/superhero mask... And Super-Monster Girl was born, haha! She loves to "fly" all over the house (sound effects and "flying arms included) and catch bad guys with daddy, who she makes wear a batman mask. It's so cute... I love that she likes what she likes and doesn't care what anyone thinks!

I love this little goof-ball/monster/superhero!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rabilolees & Diddy-los

An outfit of her own creation ;)
Evie is pretty articulate for a kid her age. She can pronounce words like "yellow" and "snake" very clearly. She has a fairly large vocabulary that includes words like "comfortable" and "frustrated", and she uses 7-10, or more, word sentences regularly.

Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that she's the size of your average 18 month old, you might not believe she's just over 2. Then again, when in public, people tend ask if she's talking yet at all, seeing as she refuses to talk around people... lol. 

Anyway with being so grown up all ready, she doesn't have a lot of cute, funny baby words like a lot of kids (for example, "pisghetti" and that sort of thing), so that's why I have such a special place in m heart for "Rabilolees" and "Diddy-los"

Rabilolees, also known as "raviolis", are one of Evie's favorite things to eat (read: one of the only things she'll eat). She is such a picky eater! Her diet generally consists of quesadillas on corn tortillas, black beans & cheese, pizza/bread sticks, pasta with alfredo sauce, and ravioli's with red sauce :) I'm glad she likes them so much, because I love it every time I hear her say "rabilolees"!

Diddy-los are what she calls videos. She's been in a phase where she LOVES to watch youtube videos; most especially Frozen videos, but she also loves toddler videos like this one:

 I love my little goof-ball to death! I really wish she'd stop trying to grow up so quickly!! I guess I just have to enjoy the rabilolees and diddy-los while they last ;)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"

We got a surprise visit from Christer and Myrna today! 

They were down this way for job interview stuff and decided to drop by and pay us a visit :) Evie was super happy to see them; I think she's finally getting to the point where we see them enough and she remembers them enough in between visits that she doesn't have to do the "warm up" thing every time (THANKFULLY). She was also tired from waking up at 7am and not having taken a nap of any kind (they got here around 3pm), so she was very giddy in addition to just being happy to see them ;)

Anyway, she showed them all the fun stuff in her room and they even turned off the lights and had a "dance party" with her little bear nightlight thing (which she uses as a rave/disco/party light, lol) and my phone. She thought Christer's dancing was absolutely hilarious (again, she was tired), and she ran around in circles (I mean, danced) for ages! She really liked dancing to the "fox song" and songs from "Frozen" especially.

After all the dancing she was pretty worn out, but somehow they still managed to convince her to the park and go sledding! Poor thing hasn't been to the park in a couple months, so she was super excited, plus we haven't had a chance to go sledding at all this winter, so it was quite the event for her!

They ended up sledding, playing on the frozen playground, and we even built a snowman! This was especially awesome because Evie's been obsessed with the movie "Frozen" for the past few days and she very much wanted to build a snowman :) On the way to the park she was telling Christer: "Snow everywhere! Kinda-ta like the ice movie!"

She had so much fun today, and in true Evie style, didn't want to leave even though she was soaking and it was freezing! 

Hopefully Myrna and Christer will live closer someday so they can come play more often :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Evie' s current favorite joke (she thinks she's hilarious, btw): she randomly says whatever word happens to come to her mind preceded by "peanut butter"

For example: "peanut butter daddy!" *hysterical giggling* "peanut butter car!" *more giggling* "peanut butter POTTY!" *falls on the floor because she's so overwhelmed by her own hilariousness*

That girl...

Sunday, December 15, 2013


All right, I think it's time for a little honesty here... not that I've been lying to you or anything, it's just, I think it's time to face the fact that my public persona is only a half truth. 

Then again, whose isn't?

I guess there are always those whose social media lives are basically a second by second feed of the inner workings of the deepest parts of their minds, but most people fall into a much more private category I think. 

On the other side of the coin there are those who barely share ANYTHING personal via the internet... and in all honesty, they're probably the ones who are best off in this mad world.

In between the two lies the majority of social media users. You'd think this would be the happy medium, the best place to hang out, but it just doesn't seem that way to me. Not anymore.
We are the ones who only share the best parts of our lives with our virtual social networks. After all, who really wants to hear about the crummy stuff?

And you know, it might not be that we are purposely withholding the darker details of our lives, I mean, a lot of times that stuff is pretty personal and maybe doesn't need to be out there for all to see, but it ends up creating a very interesting, if unintentional, culture. 

Suddenly we are feeling inadequate, and even if we would have wanted to share a struggle or a failing, we are now too ashamed to admit to the world that our lives are not quite as shiny as everyone else's. 

I don't know, my brain is mushy from chronic lack of sleep, so maybe I'm completely wrong on all this (and perhaps I'll wake in the morning to discover with horror the gibberish I've thrown out for all to read), but I guess that my point is, I'm not perfect. I have a good life and there are many amazing things in it that I want to share with the world because I'm so happy or proud, but I also struggle... and I wish I didn't feel so abnormal for struggling so much. I wish I didn't feel like my entire social support system would despise me if they knew my short-comings.

Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of what some of my Facebook acquaintances are really experiencing, and I'm often taken aback. To finally see a glimpse of weakness or struggle in the midst of the perfect pictures and humorous statuses... it's almost astounding. You think you know how wonderfully these peoples' lives are going (obviously much better than your own),so to realize that just maybe they are in a similar boat to yours is momentarily earth shaking. 

I suppose maybe the answer is just to distance my self from social media in general... I don't know. I just wish there was a way to find a little bit more honesty in my virtual life...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Poor Sick Baby"

My poor "sick" child ;)

Evie has been "falling ill" all morning. 

It looks a little something like this: phase one: Evie "falls" (very gracefully) off of mommy's bed. She lies quietly on the floor for a few seconds for dramatic effect, then (in the most pathetic voice she can muster) says "Daaaddy, help-a-you" (a.k.a "help me"). phase two: daddy helps the poor child to sit back up on the bed and she says (still in her pathetic voice) "oh, sneezies!" and then proceeds to cough as if she is going to die. At this point we are supposed to say "oh no! are you getting sick, Evie??" Then she lies down on the bed and we have to tell her she needs medicine, soup, and lots of rest, all while putting a washcloth on her forehead and taking her temperature. She usually decides she's better at this point and runs off to play... Until she decides she's coming down with something again and we have to repeat the process.

I guess we haven't been giving her enough attention lately?